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Production Processabout Metasan
We are the professional manufacturer for the metal making and sheet metal fabrication products, we can help you produce the sheet metal fabrication stainless steel products the same as your requirements or drawings shown, so if you are interested in cooperate with us, please feel free to contact with us directly.

main categories

בית תפאורה
מטבח סדרה
סדרת רחצה
אחסון ביתי
‏7.33 $ - ‏7.96 $/יחידה
10 יחידות(Min. Order)
‏1.15 $ - ‏1.56 $/יחידה
50.0 יחידות(Min. Order)
‏5.36 $ - ‏7.54 $/יחידה
9 יחידות(Min. Order)
‏8.29 $ - ‏11.39 $/יחידה
5 יחידות(Min. Order)

Melissa Huang
Molly Deng
Lily Ye
Grace Li
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